Zuru X-Shot Nano Fast-Fill Water Gun

Zuru X-Shot Nano Fast-Fill Water Gun

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Ready kids for exciting summer water fun as they blast their Zuru X-Shot Nano Fast Fill Water Gun. It’s one of the fastest filling water blasters in the market, allowing children to dunk and fill their blaster in just a second using the company’s patented rapid sealing technology. The nozzle at the top adjusts the velocity of the water stream.

The Zuru X-Shot Nano Fast Fill Water Gun is designed for peak performance. Kids can shoot it up to 9 meters for exciting water gun wars outdoors. Plus, the 700ml tank fills with enough water for kids to have a fantastic time!


  • Package contains 1 x X-Shot Nano Fast Fill Water Gun Blaster in frustration-free packaging.
  • Easy opening in the back makes it easy to dunk and fill with water in 1 second.
  • Shoots water as far as 9 meters away.
  • Available in the series: Epic, Tornado Tide, Nano, and Stealth Soaker Twin Pack
  • Dimensions: 27 x 8.5 x 42 cms
  • Suitable for kids 4+ years and above