Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo Assorted

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo Assorted


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Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo is an educational playset which allows kids to have their aqua pets. Your box will include everything you need to set up the tank and have your sea-monkeys. It has one ocean zoo tank, one pouch of water purifier, a pouch of instant live eggs, 1 pouch of growth food, 1 feeding spoon, 1 official handbook, and 1 instruction manual. The tank comes in three colours - orange, pink and blue. Any one of them will be sent randomly to you when you place the order. To begin your sea monkeys ocean zoo, you must fill water in the tank and use the water purifier to purify the water-follow the instructions in the guide, and after filtering the water, you can add the pouch with eggs. You will see lots of baby sea monkeys in the tank in the next three to four days. Feed them with the growth food as per the instruction manual. These sea monkeys can live for up to two years. They are low-maintenance pets that help children learn about sea animals, caring for them and their life cycle. The tank measures 14.2cm high and 11.2cm wide and is recommended for children over 6 years old.

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