Ancient Egypt Tutankhamun Educational Excavation Kit

Ancient Egypt Tutankhamun Educational Excavation Kit


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Its 5 important features; 

  • Tutankhamun’s memorial room contains the most concrete evidence of Egypt's culture from past to present. 
  • The findings in Tutankhamun’s memorial chamber have contributed to revealing many aspects of Egyptian history and illuminating the history of civilization. 
  • The discovery of the Tutankhamun memorial chamber is of great importance for the development of archeology. 
  • The fact that Tutankhamun’s memorial room has been preserved provides numerous information about the possible situations of other memorial rooms in the area. 
  • When we examine the items found in Tutankhamun’s memorial room, we see that the Pharaoh had many walking sticks and many shoes made in different models. 


  • Enables children to learn while discovering.
  • Improves the feeling of interest.
  • Raise awareness for the importance of archaeology.
  • Develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and curiosity towards our cultural heritage.
  • Teaches solution-oriented working for the targeted results.
  • Contributes to developing motor skills during excavation.
  • Distances children from the virtual world for a while and helps them spend a good time.